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Hoping to use vaping to quit smoking? We spoke with three vape YouTube vloggers who shared their best tips for quitting smoking with vaping. Check out their helpful vaping advice below.

Advice From Legion Vapes


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For Steve Rehberger, creator of Legion Vapes, the secret lies in experimenting.

“The very best advice I can give a new vaper is not to get bogged down with the technical stuff,” Steve said. “Try something, and if it doesn’t work for you, move on and try something different.”

Not only does this ex-smoker suggest trying a variety of devices, but he also say it’s important to find an eliquid you can’t get enough of.

“Sometimes, it takes a while to find your niche. The same goes for flavors. If what you have doesn’t work for you, put it on the shelf and try a different flavor. Having a flavor that you love and enjoy is key to the whole process.”

Favorite Flavor During the Switch: Plain, Peach, or Pink Lemonade

Advice From Ruby Roo


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YouTube vlogger Ruby Roo made the switch from smoking to vaping in 2013. She got her first kit online, as well as a couple disposables from the gas station to help the transition go quicker.

“The best advice given to me while I was just starting to vape was…always have backups!” Ruby said. “Make sure you get two batteries and two tanks with backup eliquid at all times! You don’t want to paint yourself into a corner and go back to cigarettes just because a battery breaks or a coilhead goes out.”

In addition to keeping extra supplies on you at all times, Ruby recommends focusing on what’s going right.

“Remember that when you’re transitioning from smoking to vaping, don’t fixate on the cigarettes that you’re still smoking. Focus on the ones that you’re not smoking anymore.”

Favorite Flavor During the Switch: Strawberry Peach

Advice From Suck My Mod


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If you use YouTube to decide which ejuice flavor or vape device to try next, you probably recognize Matt and Vanessa. The couple behind Suck My Mod both started vaping to quit smoking. While Vanessa smoked more socially, Matt went through a pack day for almost 15 years.

“The best advice I could give is to not give up too easily and recognize that there’s so many good products geared towards transitioning smokers now, that there’s something for everyone,” Matt said. “When I started vaping, I had to go through multiple setups before I was able to transition completely away from smoking.”

Another key to quit smoking with vape is to find a good shop. Matt says a knowledgeable vape store will know that lower-wattage vaping more closely mimics a cigarette and won’t try to sell a smoker a high-wattage device.

Despite needing to be persistent in trying to find what works for you, Matt promises it gets easier as soon as you find an eliquid flavor you love. For him, the switch got easier when he realized that tobacco-flavored eliquid wasn’t hitting the mark, and instead discovered that fruit flavors left him more satisfied.

Favorite Flavor During the Switch: Blue Raspberry or Guava

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