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Quitting smoking is tough. That’s why many lifelong smokers have turned to vaping to quit smoking. What makes vaping a great option for smoking cessation is its ease of use and the variety of options available.

To start your journey toward quitting smoking, take a look through our helpful guide and get some tips to make vaping your first step toward quitting.

Find the Right Device

Vaping may seem like a one-size-fits-all activity, but it’s not. To have an experience that best suits your needs—whether that’s continuing to smoke with a cigarette-like inhale or not—it’s important that you find a vape device you like.

For some long-time smokers, box mods with more direct-to-lung inhales end up being the option they truly enjoy, even though it’s a large departure from what they’re used to. Others tend to fall toward all-in-one devices and pod systems that offer higher nicotine options and tighter inhales.

If you’re not sure where to start, check out our helpful guide to finding the best vape device for you.

Find a Vape Juice

Once you find a vaping device that you prefer to use, it’s time to start looking for a vape juice. For long-time smokers who enjoy the flavors of tobacco or menthol, those flavors are available. And what’s even better is that those flavors don’t have to be dominant or overpowering.

No matter your preferred tastes, vape juice companies are constantly producing new individual flavors. There are options like apple and strawberry, as well as crazier flavor combinations like blue raspberry cotton candy and frozen watermelon, which includes a menthol-like cooling feel when vaped.

Not sure where to start? Learn how to choose the right vape juice for your needs.

Find a Nicotine Level

One of the final pieces you need to consider when switching from smoking to vaping is how much nicotine you’d like your vape juice to contain. If your plan for vaping is to quit smoking, you’d be well-served choosing a mid to high-nicotine level found in nicotine salts (18-50mg) and even some non-salt eliquids to help satisfy your cravings as you start removing cigarettes.

However, if you’ve already been weaning yourself off cigarettes and looking at vaping as a simple option to give you the sensation of smoking without buying cigarettes, lower nicotine levels (3-12mg) will be perfect. And if you’re looking for a non-nicotine option, those vape juices are available as well.

Take a minute to read up on finding a nicotine strength that suits your needs.

Tips for Staying Away from Cigarettes

Quitting cigarettes and any reliance on nicotine through vaping can be tricky. But vaping offers benefits that cigarettes don’t. If your main goal is to truly kick the habit and get rid of cigarettes, try these tips.

Buy a Backup Device

The only thing harder than trying to quit smoking is being put in a position where a cigarette is your only option because of a dead vape. To avoid the issue of dead batteries in your main vape device, consider purchasing a smaller device as a backup. This will help keep you from feeling the need to buy a pack of cigarettes just because your main device ran out of batteries.

JUULs, Suorins, and Aspire vapes are all small options that you can keep in your car, purse, backpack, or anywhere you need it. These devices are also rechargeable by way of a USB, making it easy to get one charged while in the car so your device is ready to go.

Keep a Vape with You at All Times

As a smoker, you probably find yourself having a cigarette not only because you crave one, but because you’ve become accustomed to having one in certain situations. Out with friends, after a meeting at work, after dinner at home, etc. When in these situations and you feel tempted to reach for a cigarette, start keeping a vape device on you at all times.

This is another great reason for having a backup device with you to ensure you can grab that instead of a cigarette in the event your main device has died. Just as you would have a pack of cigarettes in different places, not only in your pocket or purse, having a vape on you can go a long way in helping you reach the finish line of quitting.

Stock Up on Supplies

The only thing worse than having a dead device is not having the supplies you need for your device to operate correctly. Instead of waiting until you’re out of ejuice, to replace old coils, or to get a new pod, consider buying multiples of everything whenever you’re low. By having the supplies you need, like a new bottle of juice or a second coil on-hand, you can rest assured knowing that your vape will be ready to go when you are.

Tips for Cutting Back on Nicotine

When getting away from cigarettes, one of the biggest reasons why people end up not kicking the habit is due to a reliance on nicotine. Going cold turkey is difficult, so in order to slowly remove your nicotine tolerance, and ensure you truly get rid of cigarettes from your life, try these tips.

Reduce Nicotine Strength Over Time

Since vape juices allow you to choose your nicotine strength, one way to begin giving up the habit is to slowly reduce the nicotine strength in your eliquid over time. The key phrase there is “to slowly reduce.” Cutting back too quickly by drastically changing nicotine levels may lead to more frequent vaping, so it’s important to take it slow and pay attention to your adjustments.

In addition, it’s good to go at an easy pace because your body’s tolerance to nicotine will diminish. Slowly but surely, your body will work to rid itself of excess nicotine, which will result in harsher throat feel when using high nicotine strength juices. It won’t be a quick change, but as you start to notice little differences in how you feel, it’s a good indication that you should drop to a lower strength.

Set Goals Using a Puff Counter

If your plan is to stay away from cigarettes and only use your vape, but you’re afraid of overdoing it, consider buying a vape device that comes with a puff counter. With the addition of a puff counter on your vape device, you can keep better track of how many times you’ve taken a puff both daily and weekly.

What makes puff counters a great option for those trying to quit smoking is that they give you a visual representation of how much (or how little) you’re smoking on a given day. This gives you the opportunity to set goals in the same way you would with “I’ll only have four cigarettes today.” But instead, it will be “I’ll only take ten puffs today.”

If you’ve tried to quit smoking before, then you know it’s not something that happens overnight. If you’ve switched over to vaping in an effort to quit smoking, these tips should make the transition easier.