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If you’re new to vaping, learning the terminology can be a bit overwhelming, especially with terms like sub-ohm and box mods. But don’t worry. We’ve compiled a list of vaping definitions to help you catch up.


This refers to the number of threads in the battery, cartomizer, clearomizer, or atomizer of a vape. The 510 is the most popular threading style because it’s the most compatible with other vapes.

Adjustable Airflow

Air flows through the atomizer to pull the vapor from the vape. An adjustable airflow allows the user to control how tight the draw is and the amount of vapor produced.

All-Day Vape (ADV)

A term that refers to an eliquid you love and could vape all day.


A slang term that refers to a traditional cigarette.


The atomizer is the most important piece of your vaporizer. The atomizer itself is a long tube with a coil inside that heats up each time the vaporizer is turned on. Once it heats up, it vaporizes the eliquid.


Blanks are cartomizers or cartridges that are not filled with liquid, allowing the vaper to choose their own ejuice.


A blend refers to the mixture of vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG) in vape juice.

Box Mods

Box mods are a larger and more powerful version of a typical vaporizer. One major difference is that box mods allow users to customize their experience with different atomizers, batteries, and tanks.


A process where eliquids are left exposed to the air to burn off alcohol and improve taste.


If your vaporizer doesn’t come with a tank, it will have a disposable cartridge that’s attached to the battery and holds the eliquid.


A cartomizer is a device that has a combination of a liquid cartridge and atomizer, which both stores and vaporizes the liquid in a disposable tank.


A clearomizer is a clear cartomizer where you can see the ejuice.


Sometimes known as the atomizer head, the coil is the heart of a vaporizer. Made from a tube with negative and positive ends, the coil connects to the battery and the vape juice.

Drip Tip

This mouthpiece accessory can be used on a vaporizer to drip liquid on the atomizer or cartomizer.


Sleek and compact, an ecigarette is one of the most recognizable shapes of a vaporizer.


Eliquid contains a blend of water, propylene glycol (PG), vegetable glycerine (VG), flavoring, and nicotine. Eliquids come in a variety of flavors and nicotine strengths, and turns into vapor when heated.


Flooding happens when the user puts too much liquid in the atomizer, which can be detected by a distinctive gurgling sound.

mg Strength

The mg strength is the percentage of nicotine per millimeter in vape juice.

Mechanical Mod

A mechanical mod is a vape that doesn’t have the safety features of a traditional vaporizer.


Think of a mod vaporizer as an upgraded vape pen. Users can customize (or modify) their vaporizers with different batteries or components to customize their own vape experience.


An ohm is the measurement of electrical resistance in a vaping device.


A passthrough is a handy device that plugs into a USB charger, allowing the user to charge their vaporizer on their computer or in a wall charger.

Propylene Glycol (PG)

PG is one of the compounds in eliquid that delivers nicotine to the body. This chemical has been deemed safe for human consumption and is used in a variety of foods and medicines.

Rebuildable Atomizers (RBA)

An RBA vape (rebuildable atomizer) is an advanced vape that includes a deck that users can customize. RBA vaporizers are made to be reusable and will make for a much longer vaping experience.

RTA & RDA Vapes

RTA stands for rebuildable tank atomizer with a tank system, and RDAs have rebuildable drip atomizers. These vapes have a juice well at the bottom of their tanks that holds the liquid, but the user must still add the juice to the coils.


Steeping vape juice is a way to age the liquid to reduce harshness and alcohol. To steep your ejuice, heat it up, place it in a durable container, and shake it. Open the container to expose it to the air. Store the juice in a dark place for about two weeks, repeating the shaking and oxidation process.


A sub-ohm vape refers to any vaporizer, vape pen, or ecig that has a resistance lower than 1 ohm. The advantage of this type of vaporizer is the increased amount of vapor that’s produced.

Temperature Control

Some vaporizers have built-in temperature control features that make it easy for the user to customize their experience. Temperature control allows the user to manually control the heat produced at the coil. The vaporizer then adjusts wattage needed for the set temperature.

Vegetable Glycerin (VG)

VG is one of the compounds in ejuice that delivers nicotine to the body. VG is a natural compound made from vegetable oil that has been deemed safe for human consumption and is used in a variety of foods and household products.


The wattage is the amount of heat needed in the coil to turn ejuice into vapor in a device.


The wick is the string inside the atomizer that delivers vape juice to the coil.

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