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Does vaping save money? If you’re trying to decide between smoking or vaping to get your nicotine fix based on cost, check out our guide to vaping vs. smoking costs below.

Vaping vs Smoking Cost

There are a lot of factors that determine whether vaping or smoking is more expensive. Location, brand, and frequency of consumption may raise or lower the price of both smoking and vaping, but general trends stay the same.

Cost of Smoking

For pack-a-day smokers, it’s easy to head to a gas station or corner store and pick up some cigarettes, but that daily expense can very quickly snowball into a larger chunk of your budget than you might realize.

  • The average cost of a pack of cigarettes per day is $7.83.
  • The cost of smoking per month on average is $234.90.
  • And the cost of smoking per year is $2,857.95.

Other Smoking Expenses

The figures above don’t take into consideration other factors that impact how much smoking costs, such as healthcare, work absenteeism, and smoking supplies like lighters, all of which can all add onto that average cost of almost $3,000 per year. Cigarettes are also heavily taxed in most states.

Cost of Vaping

Part of the joy of vaping is that it’s so flexible. Tiny devices and big box mods are both options, but they have very different price tags. Depending on what you’re looking for, you might need to do a little more digging to find the average cost of your preferred method. Assuming that a heavy smoker will be using vape juice with a higher nicotine content (to match the levels of cigarettes), the equivalent of a pack a day would be 3mL of eliquid, or three bottles of 30mL vape juice each month.

  • The average cost of vaping per day is $3.12.
  • The cost of vaping per month on average is $93.50.
  • And the cost of vaping per year is $1,137.58. (Plus, the cost of your device for the first year.)

Other Vaping Expenses

Vaping isn’t necessarily less expensive than smoking. Depending on your eliquid consumption and coil use, you may spend more on vaping supplies. Heavy vapers, for example, will need to change their coils more often, and they may be using more ejuice as well. Higher wattage devices will use more vape juice, which will also require replacing coils more often. On the flip side, using eliquid with a higher nicotine content (like nicotine salts) means you’ll use less vape juice.

Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • A small, closed-pod device is around $35.
  • Disposable pods are available for an average of $16 for a four-pack.
  • If you aren’t using disposable cartridges, the cost of a new vape device or starter kit is around $50.
  • A 30mL bottle of vape juice costs an average of $19.
  • The average vape coil cost is around $3.50 when bought as a single item (although they’re usually packaged with several for a better deal).

Which Option Is More Cost-Effective?

Sometimes, you pay for convenience. Buying a pack of cigarettes when you fill up your car is easy. But with the rising popularity of vaping, it’s easier than ever to find budget-friendly vape pens, pod systems, and more at local stores. You can even order online from the extensive selection of top-rated vape juices to get a better deal. Save money with products from JSD today.