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Vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG) are two of the four ingredients in vape juice. Don’t be intimidated by the scientific names—both of these organic compounds are considered non-toxic and are regularly used in everyday foods and beverages. These two main ingredients greatly impact your vaping experience because they act as the carrier for flavor and nicotine in your eliquid. The best VG/PG ratio will vary depending upon four variables:

  • Type of vape device
  • Flavor strength
  • Vapor production
  • Intensity of throat hit

Dive into our VG vs PG guide to learn the basics and discover what’s best for your individual preferences.

VG Vape Juice

Commonly used in toothpaste, soaps, shampoo, and as a sweetener in food and beverages, this natural compound is likely one you already use or imbibe daily.

Serious vapers with large pens and big box mods hoping to find the best vape juice for clouds will often settle on a high VG vape juice. Using a sub-ohm atomizer? VG heavy eliquids work best in these mods because of its viscous consistency.


  • Large amount of vapor production
  • Sweeter taste preferred by some
  • Lighter throat hit makes it easier for those with allergies or easily irritated throats


  • Lighter throat hit doesn’t feel as similar to cigarette smoke
  • Sweet taste can dilute flavors
  • Thicker consistency requires more frequent cleaning
  • Lengthier absorption time on wicks and cartomizers

PG Vape Juice

Propylene glycol is especially prevalent among smaller pod systems and ecigarettes. Those looking for the best PG/VG ratio for flavor should choose 100 PG eliquid or PG heavy blends because it doesn’t dilute taste.


  • Tasteless liquid carries all flavors well without diluting
  • Thin consistency allows for quick absorption
  • Needs to be cleaned less frequently; less buildup
  • Strong throat feel is similar to cigarette smoke


  • Can cause allergic reactions and irritation in some users
  • Less vapor production
  • High temperature can lead to a burnt taste if overheated

Best PG/VG Ratios

Is VG or PG better? While some vapers feel strongly that one is superior to the other, most individuals find a blend of both to be the best option for all of their needs. Check out some of the best PG/VG ratios below and what devices they pair well with.

100 PG (Max PG)

Those looking for an intense throat hit with the most robust flavors possible should try pure PG vape juices. While this was originally the industry standard, 100% PG eliquid is less common now as blends are becoming the new normal. High PG vape juice works well for those using vape juices with higher levels of nicotine in less powerful devices.

50 VG/50 PG

Still unsure who the winner is on the PG vs VG vape debate? Start with equal parts of each. This balanced percentage provides a decent amount of vapor while still offering a slight throat hit. It’s also an optimum blend for small pocket vapes and pod systems that can’t handle thicker eliquids. However, this ratio might be too thin for larger devices where dripping from the tank could occur.

60 VG/40 PG

With slightly more flavor than 70 VG/30 PG, this ratio is great for those who don’t want to give up on a solid throat hit and robust flavor all in the name of more vapor production. Thick enough not to leak but thin enough not to clog, this versatile ratio can work for pocket devices, as well as larger box mods.

70 VG/30 PG

As one of the most common VG/PG ratios, this blend offers a flavorful experience while still producing significant vapor. This ratio works well in bigger mods and sub-ohm devices, which run best on thicker juices. However, these viscous blends can clog smaller pocket devices. If you’re looking for a lighter throat hit or using lower nicotine ejuice, this could be a perfect ratio for you.

100 VG

If you’re worried about a potential allergy or your biggest priority is dense vapor production, a max VG vape juice will be best for you. This is also a great ejuice option if you’re hoping to get into cloud competitions or show off your newfound vaping tricks.

As two of the main ingredients in vape juice, VG and PG offer vastly different vaping experiences. Because each liquid has unique characteristics, it’s important for beginners to experiment with blends and different ratios to discover what’s best. Especially if you’re hoping to start vaping and stop smoking, the vape juice you choose could greatly impact your experience—so be sure to explore different ratios and flavors.