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One of the most commonly asked questions by new vapers is “Why does my vape taste burnt?” If you’re frequently tasting a bad flavor when you inhale, experiencing dry hits, or feeling a burning in your throat, it’s likely caused by common problems with simple solutions. Learn how to get rid of a burnt taste in your vape, as well as ways to prevent it from happening again in our guide below.

Not Enough eLiquid

If you’re getting a burnt taste, start by inspecting your eliquid. While you might want to wait until it’s almost empty to refill your tank or cartridge, this could be causing a decline in your vaping experience.

Solution: Keep extra ejuice on you at all times. Knowing when to refill a vape is easy if your device has a minimum fill line. Make sure to top off fluid levels before they get too low and ensure eliquid never dips below this point.

Too High VG eJuice

If maximum vapor production is a top priority, you’re probably using high VG vape juice. And while a VG heavy blend could be fine for your specific device, it might be the source of your dry hits. Vegetable glycerin has a thicker consistency, which could be clogging your box mod or vape pen. This can inhibit liquid from fully saturating your coil and wick, causing your device to deliver dry or burnt hits.

Solution: Consider switching to 50 VG/50 PG or 60 VG/40 PG. Because higher VG eliquids are made from sugar, they’re also more flammable. A burnt taste could signal that the cotton in your mod is literally burning. If you’re using a larger box mod that runs best on a thicker ejuice, consider cleaning your cartomizer more frequently to decrease gunk accumulation.

Coil or Pod Needs to Be Replaced

All coils and pods need replaced eventually. If you’re using a new device and haven’t ever changed the pod or coil, there’s a good chance this is why your vape tastes burnt. How long do coils last, and how frequently do you need to change refillable cartridges? There’s no one-size-fits-all answer. The type of device you’re using and the frequency you vape will determine how often you need to change parts.

Solution: Simply replace your pod/atomizer or coil. Especially if you notice gunk accumulating or taste a decline in flavor quality, make the switch sooner rather than later. We always recommend that you stock up on coils or cartridges for your device so you’re ready when the time comes to replace them.

Improperly Priming Your Device

When you fill your device with eliquid for the first time or replace a pod or coil, you need to allow time for it to be absorbed. Inhaling before the wick is saturated can burn that pod or coil. This will then need to be replaced to get rid of the burnt taste and achieve the best flavor quality possible. If you’ve ever wondered why your vape tastes burnt with a new coil, it’s probably time to learn how to prime your vape.

Solution: There are different ways to prime your vape depending on the type of device you use and how long you’re willing to wait.

  • Open Pod Systems: Because pocket devices are activated by inhaling, you simply need to fill your tank and wait to inhale. Five to ten minutes is typically the minimum amount of time suggested; however, you should always follow device-specific instructions to ensure the best flavor.
  • Vape Pens & Box Mods: Add a few drops of ejuice to the wicking holes of your new coil. Then, use enough vape juice to fully saturate your wick and reassemble your device. Allow at least ten minutes for the eliquid to get absorbed. Some vape enthusiasts recommend refilling your tank before going to bed to ensure total saturation and receive the most flavorful hits possible.

In a rush? Those with a fire or ignition button can speed up the process by taking few primer puffs or pulls. This involves inhaling quickly without pressing the fire button on your device—but be careful not to overdo it. Flooding the coil will deliver a surge of ejuice right to your tongue.

Chain Vaping

This is one of the easiest mistakes for beginners to make. If you find yourself asking why your coils keep burning out, there’s a good chance you’ve been chain vaping. What is chain vaping? It’s the practice of inhaling multiple times in a row without taking a break in between. Doing this for an extended period of time dries out your wick and will eventually leave a burnt taste in your mouth.

Solution: Not sure how to stop chain vaping? It’s easy. When you notice a decline in flavor, wait a little longer before each inhale. Exhaling clouds on loop may seem satisfying at first, but it can decrease the quality of ejuice flavor, as well as cause damage to your cartomizer if continued over time.

Ignoring Recommended Wattage

Like most vaping advice, what’s best for you is unique to your device. Using too high of wattage can burn out your coils, and too low can cause ejuice to build up and cause clogging over time. This is a problem you only have to worry about if you have an advanced device with customizable settings.

Solution: Start out on a device with fewer settings to control. If you love your box mod or vape pen, discover the optimum wattage by starting in the middle of the suggested range. Sub-ohm devices are even more sensitive to high-powered settings, so be sure to begin at a lower watt and gradually increase wattage if you’re hoping to produce big clouds.

Too High of a Temperature

If your vape tastes burnt, there’s a good chance you’ve fried the wick. This can easily happen if you’re using a higher temperature than what’s recommended for your device.

Solution: Just like above, a pro of using a pod system is that you won’t have to worry about settings. Easier to use devices often don’t allow for control over the temperature and can get overheated with time, especially if you’re chain vaping. Newer mods or more advanced devices allow for temperature control so you can set a maximum temperature, ensuring your vape never overheats.

Improperly Storing Supplies

Regardless of where you live, the weather could be negatively impacting your vaping experience. From cold temperatures messing with your eliquid consistency to humid summers drying out your wick, not properly storing your device could be the source of your poor flavor quality.

Solution: Always store your device at room temperature. No matter if the sun is burning bright or snow is piled up, never leave your vape in the car for extended periods of time.

Now that you know how to get rid of the burnt taste in your vape, change your coils or cartridge, fill up on eliquid, balance your settings, and start fresh. Be proactive in the future, and look out for loss of flavor or a decline in vapor production that could signal a burnt hit is coming.